GSM USA Roadshow 2016 (FL, GA & AL)

GSM USA Roadshow 2016 ran from October 24th 2016 and visited Florida, Georgia and Alabama. Networking events were hosted in each state by Hillsborough Community College, Columbus State University and University of North Alabama. The agency delegation consisted of participants from India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia. All South Asian agencies were AIRC certified and all SE Asian agencies approved by GSM.

Lists of attending educators and agencies may be seen below.

GSM USA Roadshow 2016 - Registrations (FINAL)


John Fox – Georgia Southwestern State University

GSM provided a great opportunity for the participants, both the schools and the agencies. By attending the roadshow, I was able to make contacts with agents that I would never have been able to do on my own. In addition, GSM ensured that all participants were of good reputation and fully accredited. From start (the first e-mail which gave information about the event) to finish (the closing reception), the roadshow was done in a very professional and satisfying manner. If I ever have an opportunity participate in a GSM-sponsored event, I will certainly do so.

Yeqing Bao – University of Alabama at Huntsville

GSM goes extra miles to ascertain customers’ needs be met!

Amy Fenning – University of Tennessee at Martin

Very organized and picked a great venue!

Stacye Thompson – Jefferson State Community College

The GSM Road Show was a fantastic way to connect with quality agents for a budget conscientious school. The variety and quality of the agents was excellent.

Dane Rowley – California Lutheran University

CLU has found great value in the agent workshops we have attended. The agencies have been well vetted and represent a wide range of geographies and academic interests for the students they serve. I appreciate the amount of 1:1 time with the agencies as we share ideas and develop partnerships that are designed to best serve students during the each stage of the process from the college search, to application & matriculation, and enrollment & graduation.

Naveen Yathapu – Yathapu Consulting / i20fever

GSM roadshows are great way to connect to new University Partners. You get time to present about your company and also to network with Educators. It saves lot of time and energy for agents.

Upesh Savla – GeeBee Education Pvt. Ltd.

Well organised event.

Edmund Goh – Inquota Beijing Education Services

GSM done a great job! I am impressed with the work and outcome of the GSM USA Roadshow and looking forward the event in NY/NJ/MA next year.