GSM USA Roadshow 2016 (FL, GA & AL)

GSM USA Roadshow 2016 ran from October 24th 2016 and visited Florida, Georgia and Alabama. Networking events were hosted in each state by Hillsborough Community College, Columbus State University and University of North Alabama. The agency delegation consisted of participants from India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia. All South Asian agencies were AIRC certified and all SE Asian agencies approved by GSM. Lists of attending educators and agencies may be seen below.   Testimonials John Fox - Georgia Southwestern State University GSM provided a great opportunity for ...

GSM USA Higher Education Fair Hanoi 2016

    The GSM USA Higher Education Fair Hanoi 2016 was held on April 1st and April 2nd at the Daewoo Hotel in Hanoi combining seminars, an agency fair and a student fair. Educator and agency attendees may be seen below along with a photo gallery.