GSM Agency/Educator Portal

Global Student Mobility has created a portal to connect educators and agencies. This portal uses the same profile template used for GSM events.

Membership to the portal is open to accredited US and UK educators and approved agencies.

The approval process for agencies consists of:

– We will have a face-to-face meeting in most cases or at the least a Skype call with the agency
– The agency will fill a questionnaire including 2 references
– We will contact and confirm references and check the questionnaire
– The agency will fill a profile for the portal
– Based on the above we will confirm the suitability of the agency

Approved agencies and educators will be sent log in details to create their own profile and will then be able to view each others profiles.

Functionality and membership of the portal is currently being expanded. 

GSM will allow AIRC certified agencies to join without references.

Please register interest in the portal here.

Currently approved agency members may be seen here and the list of educator members is shown here.